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ARxCollect - Security. Privacy. Compliance. Workflow. Reporting.

The Accounts Receivable world has changed. No longer is the focus primarily on collecting money, but rather on protecting your client’s brand and data. Collection systems have been adapted over the years in an attempt to address these concerns.
The ARx family of products was built from the ground up with this functionality in mind. ARxCollect allows you to intelligently and efficiently maximize your recoveries, while adhering to even the most complex client directives.
Five collection desks, or five thousand, there is an affordable ARx solution that’s right for you.

ARxWorkflow - Take control of your inventory

ARxWorkflow permits you to micro-manage every aspect of every account, in real time, using a powerful yet easy-to-use graphical user interface similar to Microsoft Visio.

ARxVelocity - Scalable, Safe File Processing

When multiple time-sensitive projects demand large amounts of data to be exchanged, ARxVelocity takes charge. This module processes millions of records quickly and easily with powerful tools to assist with record rejection and reprocessing.

ARxInsight - Call Center Performance

ARxInsight is near-real-time Production Call Center statistics.
Monitor campaigns of different types; it is easy and flexible to use; shows actuals vs. planned vs. sales leads. Uses data from your dialer, phone system and sales system.

ARxPartner - Manage Outsourcing and Distribution of Accounts

Creditors and Debt Buyers need to manage their inventory across a network of partners. The ARxPartner module provides a suite of powerful tools for easily distributing and tracking your accounts.

ARxConnect - Self-Serve Portal for your Clients

Reduce inquiries from your clients by providing them with a secure real-time web interface to their accounts. Configure it by client/user to control what information is accessible, and log all activity.

ARxSelfServe - Secure Online Payments and Marketing

We take the online payment experience one step further.

While providing access to debtors to review their account information including Payment History, Make A Payment or a Payment Plan, etc., all client restrictions are applied in real-time. All movement on the website is tracked in ARxCollect in real-time allowing ARxWorkflow to change collection strategies on-the-fly based on the debtor’s actions, including what information they are reading.

The Content is managed via a CMS content management system, which allows for multiple languages.
The site can be customized and branded, based on attributes of the account (e.g. per client), when the person logs in.

ARxReporting - Easy to Create, Share, and Drive Automation

Create, Secure, Schedule, Distribute, Automate

Easily Scalable and affordable for any Small Companies to large Enterprises

While power users can use many standard reporting tools such as Crystal Reports and Microsoft Reporting Services, the ARxReporting module provides the end user with the ability to create and run their own library of reports, optionally sharing reports with co-workers. Access to data available for querying is restricted by user and client. Reports can be scheduled, automatically distributed and archived, and can be used to drive automation.

Ubiquity - Integrate, Automate, Communicate

Affordable Enterprise-class Systems Integration and Automation

Let your systems talk to each other to automate business processes.

Before Ubiquity - no automation, duplicated integration efforts

With Ubiquity - Systems integrated, automated, coordinated.

Example: Hiring a new person? Set up the user once, and have that propogate to other systems--from your HR system to the payroll system, timekeeping system, network directory services etc...

Example: An account-holder posts a question on the secure web portal, in real-time tell the dialer to remove that person from the list and queue a manual call, or sms message.

Ubiquity provides the Control + Reliability + Security + Workflow that you need to make your systems play nicely together.

uConns - Ubiquity Connectors

Custom Ubiquity Connectors, To & From your other systems

We have some pre-built connectors for Ubiquity. Also, we have an easy-to-use library and examples of how you can create your own uConns for your particular systems. Once a uConn is built and connected to Ubiquity, it can participate in Ubiquity events and workflows to automate business processes.

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